Benefits of art and drawing boards for children

As an adult, we understand the nature and benefit of art in expressing our thoughts and emotions. For a child, art allows them to freely express their feelings and experiences from that moment through drawing, painting, or crafting. Drawing on a drawing board is an experience on its own: the colors, the textures, the smells, and the instant gratification of creating something.

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The benefits of art for kids is that their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, understanding, creativity, and problem-solving skills are tested and improved. These actually help children to better understand subjects such as reading, maths, writing, and science. Creating something – without a thought given to the final product – is what drives art in kids. This is creativity and it helps a child to solve problems and find solutions by means of lateral thinking.

Using a drawing board allows kids to learn and build their fine and gross motor skills. The drawing board allows the kids to better grip their paintbrush, crayons, paints, pens, pencils, or glue sticks, papers, and other art supplies. They will learn better hand-to-eye coordination and it will also help to identify which of their hands is dominant to aid in their writing skills. The repetition of movements helps them to better form shapes, grip pencils and pens, and allows them to have more fun.

Don’t limit their art supplies. By adding more – and showing them what each one is capable of being used for – your child will be able to create a wider variety of artworks and drawings. This builds a child’s confidence in their own abilities and creativity. This brings around the point that adults shouldn’t actually draw with a child. This stunts the child’s expression as they will likely aim to please you with their color choice, shapes, and patterns. Those aren’t their true expressions. Rather, sit back to watch them or join in by helping them. That way your child will have fun and their expression of feelings and thoughts won’t be interfered with.

Encourage your child to make a mess – in a controlled manner, that is. They can make a mess on the paper or cardboard by creating patterns and shapes with their paint or crayons. To explore art in this way, they can grow their techniques and better express themselves. Those are, after all, the tools of their expression.

The drawing board can be left in a designated area of your house or their room. This will in time become their safe space for expressing their feelings and thoughts through art. It will get messy, it will be untidy, but it should be their space and their environment for the full benefits to be realized for your child.

Art is powerful. It can draw emotions from people and enable others to express themselves in ways they never knew they could, even as children.