Choosing healthy foods

Everyone loves healthy food. However, in our quest of enjoying the sweetness in foods, we always forget to take healthy and nutritious meals. There are a variety of foods available, some healthy and some unhealthy. Therefore, you must be wise while choosing food and go for helpful options for your body. When we are ordering a dish in a restaurant, we fail to emphasize the nutritional value of a dish. This should not be the case. Instead, we should always concentrate on the nutritional value of a meal. Characteristically, unhealthy foods, including junk, tend to be tasty, which explains why people tend to opt for such food. However, this tasty nature is accompanied by bad fats that we often take without our knowledge. This ends up having adverse effects on our health. The first step we should take to ensure we always take healthy foods is to use review sites such as when choosing food delivery companies. Review sites tend to have feedback from former clients, which helps us make informed decisions and thus choose healthy restaurants in Germany. Below is a discussion that will help Germans to go for healthy food choices.

What exactly are healthy foods?

Generally, healthy foods are food items with a high nutritional value and positively impact our overall health. Examples of healthy foods include organic foods, including whole foods and natural foods, among others. Nutrition is an essential aspect that each person should take seriously. If you want your body to stay healthy, strong, and fit, you must maintain a balanced diet and be active physically.

What foods are unhealthy

On the other hand, unhealthy foods refer to foods that don’t have much nutritional value, have high amounts of sugar, calories and fats. Unhealthy foods can be rich in proteins but in excessive amounts, which isn’t appropriate for the body. Generally, a food item that isn’t aiding your body to have a healthy weight is said to be unhealthy. Examples of such foods include foods with low vitamin content, high tropical oils and unhealthy fats amounts. In addition, most unhealthy foods have processed items, including fast foods and snacks, which have low amounts of the essential nutrients needed by our bodies to keep it healthy.

Unhealthy foods to avoid

Sweetened breakfast cereals

Breakfast cereals contain cereal grains that are processed, including corn., wheat, rice and oats. They are taken commonly by children and often are accompanied by milk. To ensure that the grains are more edible, they are shredded, rolled, pulped, flaked or roasted. Generally, they have high amounts of added sugar. High amounts of sugar usually have a bad effect on our health.


As opposed to sweetened breakfast cereals, go for breakfast cereals with low amounts of added sugar and are high in fibre. It is even better to opt to make oat porridge on your own from scratch.

Cakes, pastries and cookies

A majority of Cakes, pastries and cookies, when taken in excess amounts, are unhealthy. Generally, the versions that are packaged are usually high in refined wheat flour, added fats and refined sugar. At times shortening, which can have high amounts of trans-fats, is also added. While Cakes, pastries and cookies may be tasty, they almost have no important nutrients.


While it can be hard to stay away from the three, it is wise to opt for fresh fruits.

Majority of Juices

Fresh juice contains vitamin C and antioxidants, which are healthy. However, they also have high liquid sugar amounts. It has even been established that fresh juice might contain as much sugar as drinks such as Pepsi and Coke.


Certain fresh juices have been proven to offer health benefits. These include blueberry juices and pomegranates. You should, however, take them as occasional supplements.

Coffee drinks with high calories

Coffee contains antioxidants that provide lots of benefits. Particularly, people who take coffee often are known to have a lower risk of having serious diseases such as Parkinson’s and type 2 diabetes. However, the syrups, creamers, sugars and additives that often added to coffee are unhealthy. They are harmful to the body, just as other drinks sweetened with sugar are.


Always ensure that you stick to plain coffee. If you desire, you can add a small amount of full-fat milk or heavy cream.

In conclusion, this article revolves around choosing healthy foods. It thus equips the reader with the knowledge they need to have when choosing healthy foods. This will ensure that we stick to balanced and healthy diets.