The go to gifts for your mother on this mothers day

No doubt, as every human being is different, so are moms. Some moms would love to be spoilt with some designer clothes and handbags, while the active moms would love to be gifted with a new pair of sneakers, stretchy yoga pants with pockets, or a smartwatch. And even if your mom isn’t a fitness freak, why not help her get back to her shape. Even if you don’t wish to give her some fitness gifts, you can also provide her with something else. But fitness gifts are mentioned because it is the need of the hour in Covid19 times to maintain health.

  • Creek Yoga Blanket- This is one of the best mother’s day gift ideas from daughter, she can choose from. One of the best ways to reduce pressure on joints when doing yoga is using a thick blanket. It is ideal for your mom if she loves doing yoga and the best part is that you can get a lot of colours.
  • Exercise Ball- With almost all the people working from home, an exercise ball can be a great addition to the routine to stay fit without even thinking about it. Even if you can’t step out, you can always order online.
  • Foam Roller- If your mom doesn’t own a foam roller yet, you can change her life for sure by gifting her a foam roller, as it is a fantastic way to relieve tension and soothe sore muscles.
  • Yoga Strap- If you have a yogi mom, then this is another A+ accessory as the durable yoga strap will help stretch her limits in various poses. Additionally, the belt also helps increase motion and gives her the ability to stick around one posture for a longer duration of time. When it needs to be cleaned, your mom can throw it to wash.
  • Salt Bag- Being an athlete, your mom must be knowing that recovery is equally as important as building muscle, so you need to ensure that she takes a bath with salt. The soothing blend relieves muscle aches and pains besides providing some stress relief.
  • Ankle Socks- Your mom can indeed feel good while working out if you choose to gift her ankle socks. Before buying the ankle socks, make sure they have extra cushioning on the bottom, additional material around the ankle for blister-free wear, and don’t forget the excellent design with ventilation.
  • Yoga Towel– The yoga towel is an ideal gift for your mom if that extra sweat prevents Mom from attending hot yoga classes. The best part about the yoga towel is that it helps in absorbing and dries sweat quickly. Above all, it stays in place by securing itself around the corners of the mat. Your mom will be held with the grip.
  • Mini Body Massager- A gift that your mom will love post workouts is a body massager as it offers just a bit of vibration to ease tension anywhere where your mom’s body feels stressed.
  • Smartwatch- Thanks to the stunning technology that your mom can count her steps and calories with a watch tied around her wrist, so why not gift her, which will motivate her to reach her fitness goals in no time.
  • Decorative Wall Art For Mom- you can make for wall art your mom’s special day with a favourite family photo or include an inspirational quote from one of her favourite movies, books, or songs as she will hanging this in her living room, her bedroom, or some other special place in the house.
  • Photo Necklace- The best Mother’s Day gifts are ones with a personal touch; place a special photo in a necklace for a keepsake that will last a lifetime as she will enjoy keeping this close to her heart every day, especially on birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.
  • Garden Stone For Mother’s Day- You add a lovely touch to Mom’s vegetable or flower garden with a personalized garden stone by including an inspirational message or quote. Hence, she thinks of you every time she sees it. Consider choosing a heart- or oval-shaped garden stone to match Mom’s style.
  • Bring Fun To Dinner- Select Mom’s favourite photos and design a table runner for holidays, dinner parties, or everyday use as your mom will appreciate how her newest decoration keeps her dining room full of life and love.
  • Coffee mug- Give Mom a gift she can use every day: a personalized tea or coffee mug as she can start her day remembering favourite family moments—like a spring break vacation or snowshoeing excursion.
  • Sweet jam- Sweet jam tastes as good as it looks when it’s homemade, so you can pick your mother’s favourite fruits like berries and them down into a sweet jam spread, perfect for pairing with her toast or favourite sandwich.

Hence this year, think outside the flower box with our top creative Mother’s Day gifts as it doesn’t have to be expensive or labour-intensive to give your  Mom a specially-made gift.